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Maidenhead experiences worst flooding in 10 years
November 2000

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Flood Warning

The River Thames overflowed its banks in Maidenhead on Tuesday (7 November 2000). This was due to the huge amount of rain falling in the area upstream in the last week or so. That night the river was lapping up over the pavement along some parts of Ray Mead Road (the road towards Cookham). The river was in a Flood Warning state at the time.

The flooding worsened overnight and the road was closed by police as it was impassable by Wednesday morning. The river status was upgraded to Severe Flood Warning.

Update - Thursday 9 November 23:00 - Ray Mill Road is still closed between the bridge and Boulters Lock. The waters are thought to have peaked now, and stayed fairly constant overnight at just below the level of the 1990 flooding. There is also some flooding around roads near Cookham bridge, and in Bray. River state in the Maidenhead area is still Severe Flood Warning. (Update ends)

Update - Friday 10 November 08:30 - The road is still closed, however the Environment Agency have downgraded the river status to Flood Warning. The waters are expected to drop slowly. (Update ends)

Update - Friday 10 November 23:00 - The road is still closed, and the flooding is slowly dropping. (Update ends)

Update - Sunday 12 November 23:00 - The road is now open. The flooding is now slowly dropping. The road and pavement is clear of river water, though the Thames is still much higher than normal. (Update ends)

The Flood Alleviation scheme covering Maidenhead, Windsor and Eton is due to be completed in 2001. It was started in 1996. Unfortunately it was not able to help during this flood because although a number of channels have been excavated they are not yet linked.

These photographs were taken on Thursday morning, 9 November, unless otherwise stated.

Along Ray Mill Road. The road is on the left, the river to the right beyond the car park and stranded car.
The grass area near the bridge, with flooded seat. The water is about 10 metres from the river edge here.
Looking from the bridge over towards the rowing club.
The grass area near the bridge.

Compare this to the same view in normal conditions, below.

Below: Roughly the same view as above, in normal conditions, taken during the summer months.

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